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We chose Figma for the creation of visual design of applications, Design Systems, prototypes, and internal creative workshops for the team or our clients.

In addition to multiplatform accessibility and the use of responsive-oriented tools, Figma has proven to be the best ally for the design and development of websites and applications for our customers.

Develop design components that are reusable across multiple projects

The designer, starting from the Figma project, creates a hierarchy of components and atoms according to the logic that reflects the actual development of the website or application.

While designing, the developer will find all the rules for CSS in real-time. You will be able to directly download the icons and calculate the distances from the margins and other information necessary for the creation of the final output.

Effective communication between all team members

While prototyping with customers, you can leave comments and mention team members involved in the project.

During the creative workshops, customers and other participants involved will be able to follow the speaker thanks to an ad hoc functionality that will keep you focused on the section of the board of interest.

Automatic saving of project history

The team will be able to check the change history to restore the state of your project, as is usually done with repositories posted on GitHub.