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The choice of headless technologies is the future for teamwork and building easily scalable, fast, and reliable websites and applications.

Composable is the answer to market needs

A composable business is a business or technology organization made up of many modular, composable blocks.

Cantiere Creativo's team of developers, after years of study, has mastered headless technologies. 

Headless solutions allow centralized content management in hyper-modern, unconstrained web architectures.

Furthermore, the clear separation of data management and representation helps companies in the digital transformation process by reducing communication errors on different channels and improving the UX, adaptability, and scalability of the digital product.

Headless management

Headless management allows the separation of data from its representations. The editorial team can thus work on the architecture of the information uniquely. The message, once tailor-made for your business, can be easily shared in real-time and simultaneously on multiple channels.

This is made possible by creating PBCs (Packaged Business Capabilities): packages of services, software, and solutions designed for the needs of a business unit.

Each PBC works independently, but at the same time, all information and tools are shared with the others via APIs.

The benefits of choosing headless technology are:


Total independence

The editorial team will be able to work on the copy and content publishing side while the dev team will implement new improvements and features without one depending on the other.



Teamwork management will, as a consequence, be more flexible, and it will be easier to stay in line with the objectives of each project.



The digital product is potentially improvable. The headless world places no limits on new functionality.



The propagation of the content will be fast, easily adaptable, and customizable to every communication channel.