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React / Next.js

For front-end development of web products, we prefer the use of React, in particular the Next.js or Remix frameworks.

Why Next.js?

NextJs is used by some of the largest companies in the world. It enables you to build full-stack, MVP web, mobile desktop, and progressive web apps by extending the latest React features and integrating powerful Rust-based JavaScript tools to get to production quickly.

How we work

We use GIT to share the code, of which you will always have the main version on a repository of your own. We will always have a copy of your product key. Internally, we will host a repository on our GitLab Saas account.

We develop front-end applications using React and Next.JS; for native applications, we generally use React Native or Ionic suite. As for the styling part, we use Tailwind CSS and the BEM nomenclature.

If backend development or the creation of custom applications is necessary, we use the Ruby and Elixir ecosystem. We develop the code with test suites.

For the development of styles, we mainly use the CSS Tailwind framework, using BEM as the nomenclature for customizations.