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We like informal relationships, customers also are part of the team

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Luca Bonfiglio

LeanPanda Co-founder, designer with years of experience, studies ownership of corporate entities. The whole administration passes through him!

Sara Casini

Administrative and Executive Assistant, she's involved in facilitating all the team's activities. She has experience in publicly fundend progect management. She brings along a humanistic education, a strong passion for communication and media studies, and a ten years experience in Non-formal education programmes.

Product Owner, Product Designer, Frontend Developer

Marco Zampetti

Product designer and frontend developer who works with Rails, and also a great photographer.

DXP Manager & Lead Developer

Lorenzo Ponticelli

Passionate of AI, real time apps and automation, He lives in the fairy ecosystem of javascript.

Accounting & Project Owner

Maira Bartoloni

She takes care of Accounting & Product Owner. She has a long experience in Communication, PR, Community and Stakeholder management in the fields of eco-sustainability, culture and radio. She is passionate about content creation, Design Thinking and System Innovation

Guido Squillace

Meticolous frontend developer with a ten-year experience in agency. He is enthusiastic to work in a teamwork environment especially when it involves new challenges and opportunities.

Lorena Liuzzo

Digital Marketing

Federica Insinga

Digital Marketing Specialist

Massimiliano Palloni

Regular practitioner of the Sacred School of Copy-Fu, he is torned between a true love for creative chaos and an unhealthy passion for data-driven marketing and sales strategies.

Alberto De Stefani

Art Director

Juana Alvarez

Talented designer & illustrator from Argentina, has experience in multimedia, web and corporate branding.


Leonardo Gubbioni

Leonardo is a talented traditional and web designer, he has a real passion for brand design. He loves nature and in his spare time he divides between his beloved dogs and fishing. For his girlfriend joy.

Alessandro Donnini

Frontend developer with particular passion for css and a past as a designer. In his spare time he likes to play the guitar, take photos and the wood work. Father of two little brats. Consequently, he has no spare time.

Head of LeanPanda Agency

Francesco Giovannetti

LeanPanda Co-founder, and the person responsible for organization of events such as Better Software, RubyDay and FLOR.