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L'Officiel manages dozens of localized sites from a single CMS

Thanks to the work carried out by the Cantiere Creativo team, the editors of twenty national editorial offices of L'Officiel can work from a single shared CMS while maintaining editorial independence.

Project numbers




infrastructural costs

3 months


A single CMS for everyone

A single instance of the CMS allows editorial teams from different countries to work simultaneously and independently on the same platform.

World-class performance

The site is SEO-optimized, responsive, fast, and ready for omnichannel advertising campaigns.

Consistent brand identity

The design and copy of all localizations are consistent with the brand, and the published content complies with the publication rules of each country.

I want to congratulate you on this fantastic, ever-evolving project.  The market reaction is very good.  Thanks again!

Benjamin Eymere

CEO | L’Officiel


L'Officiel found itself with inconsistent communication management in various countries, while the site needed to load content quicker.

L'Officiel needed to centralize the management of the editorial group in a modern platform that distributed content in a homogeneous and, at the same time, personalized way for each country while maintaining a brand identity and a coherent communication style.

Why did they choose Cantiere?

L'Officiel looked for a digital partner who would support them in choosing the best technological solution for their use case: an agile architecture that is easy to adapt to the unique needs of each country and expandable without the need for complex refactoring.

Cantiere Creativo represented, due to its history in the management of complex editorial platforms, an interesting choice in a market still in transition from monolithic structures to microservices.

All in one place

The Cantiere Creativo team has implemented a worldwide editorial platform developed with multitenancy principles, i.e., a single instance of the CMS serves multiple sites and groups that operate independently.

The result was a centralized CMS, unique for all the group's magazines, capable of generating a series of environments that respect the brand identity with independent and multilingual instances for each country. 

Through Rails, integrating DatoCMS with imgix and Varnish, it is now possible to manage and produce pure content faster with peerless image management.

The website offers the user a different browsing experience. The site learns and, through a prediction system, proposes personalized topics based on the user's interests.

Cantiere Creativo has created a graphic layout consistent with the brand identity, making corporate communication homogeneous. 

Furthermore, all the sites were published in compliance with best practices from an SEO and responsiveness point of view, thus increasing efficiency in managing communication and marketing campaigns.

Fast, efficient, measurable

Thanks to the team's professionalism, more than 18 tenants were created and published in less than three months, with a considerably low global time-to-market.

Structural costs have been reduced by 90%, given that maintenance no longer concerns 38 sites but a single cloud platform maintained by the subscription services teams. 
Publishers can independently and separately create and manage textual, multimedia, livestream, and meta-information content.

Each country can import, translate, and publish articles originally published elsewhere through the Fashion Cloud system, managing all rights to texts and media comprehensively.
Additionally, each country now has its own Google Analytics to monitor site performance. 
The French office has cumulative and aggregate worldwide data on the progress of the campaigns, being able to delve deeper into the progress of each country. 

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