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Wineplatform customers publish new wineries in 60 minutes

Discover how Wineplatform now offers a turnkey solution for its customers that combines a customized e-commerce storefront with complete outsourcing of technology, logistics, and customer care.

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Short time-to-market

Wineplatform team can offer a personalized sales platform to a winery in less than an hour.

Ready to sell

Wineplatform customers can start selling right away and update their products independently in the winery without needing the help of a developer.

Infinite Scalability

The developed platform can create new wineries without losing performance and speed, even with exponentially higher numbers.

The developed product solved two problems for me: now I have excellent performance and my entire system runs on a single unified technology.

Cristiano Pellegrino

Developer e co-founder | Tannico, Wineplatform

From the idea to the technological challenge

The idea behind Wineplatform has always been a winning one: to offer a turnkey online sales system for wineries that guarantees a pleasant and friction-free user experience for the end customer, at the same time helping the winery itself to manage the logistical and technologies of a genuinely international shop.

Wineplatform needed to overcome some technological challenges:

  • A structure capable of scaling to manage an enormously growing market;
  • An e-commerce that could handle the intricacies of the wine and spirits market worldwide;
  • Easy and immediate management of contents and products;
  • The perfect integration with already cemented warehouse flows.

The monolithic structures used in other projects were poorly suited to what was, for all intents and purposes, a multi-tenant architecture.

Blueprint method and the right choice for technology

To transform the idea into a fast and efficient system, Cantiere Creativo and Wineplatform started by studying the problem and the solution hypotheses with Blueprint, a five-step method created in Cantiere that reduces development risks and allows you to work on POC in a relatively short time compared to traditional designs.

After a while, it became clear that a multi-tenant system with a strong commercial footprint, a centralized database, and independent editors required a PCB (Packaged Business Capabilities) based architecture and a "composable" e-commerce idea.

The solution chosen was DatoCMS as a headless CMS, Commerce Layer as composable e-commerce, and Netlify as CDN.

The technology stack allows the creation of individual storefronts with a customized e-commerce engine, where wineries could insert their products and modify price lists while maintaining centralized logistics management in Wineplatform.

A surprising solution

Thanks to the perfect integration between DatoCMS, Commerce Layer, and Wineplatform systems, each showcase is immediately created with the possibility of selling the products of each winery, offering advanced discounting and product management solutions.

The integration also allows you to sell in all markets, respecting the different legislation on alcohol and optimizing multilingual content. 

Additionally, without touching a line of code, the winery can insert tags or scripts needed to collect data or manage complex digital marketing campaigns, thus saving future development costs.

Despite the intrinsic complexity of the project, the winery can go online with its optimized e-commerce in less than an hour.

Evolutions and new features

The choice of a composable approach allows iterations and evolutions of the platform in a short time. Even with the same database, the Wineplatform project with Cantiere Creativo is already in its second iteration , with a significant improvement in performance, more editorial freedom thanks to a real-time preview system and the transition to the exclusive use of javascript as a technology for the whole system.

The next evolution? An API server that would offer maximum customization to wineries and brands, leaving the ecommerce logic to Wineplatform.

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