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Full remote

Cantiere Creativo, since before the COVID-19 pandemic, has done a lot of research and business organisation to work 100% in smart-working mode.

An international cross-functional team

We have Florentine roots, but the Cantiere Creativo team has worked across different cities and countries for years.

We have a primarily Italian team, but some of our staff come from England, Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, and Brazil.

We have the experience, the tools, and the culture to successfully support this way of working, and we will give you the maximum support if needed so that you feel involved and comfortable working with us in this form.

The benefits of a full remote working philosophy

Working fully remotely has several tangible benefits that, once experienced, become indispensable.

Balancing personal and work life

Team members are, first and foremost, people with personal lives. Flexible work management makes it possible to reconcile family and work life without pressure, even at locations other than home. Basecamp, our virtual office, makes it possible to limit the time when work notifications are received and to use out-of-office mode in the case of holidays or leave. The latter are visible to the whole team thanks to the events created on Google Calendar and the use of Chimera; this application makes it possible to mark which days of the day will be allocated to projects.

Working from home or coworking

Cantiere Creativo guarantees its employees the possibility of a workstation within a coworking space or to set up a workstation at home by providing the necessary material. These services are guaranteed both for those living in Florence and those living in other regions or countries.

Stress reduction in commuting

Working from home reduces the transport costs for traveling to the workplace and the resulting energy expenditure. The worker will thus have more time available for himself or his family.