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The Crown Jewel of the Italian digital strategy loads in 0.4 seconds

The collaboration between the redesign team of the Department for Digital Transformation and Cantiere Creativo has led to a public administration site that sets new standards among institutions for speed, expandability, and ability to look to a multi-experiential future.

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Lighthouse score


Accessibility Grade

A barrier-breaker

The new website of the Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition has passed all accessibility tests, becoming a resource for all Italian citizens.

Grade AAA performance

An optimized front end and excellent information architecture make the MITD site in the top 1% of the fastest websites in the world.

Future-proof content production

A single CMS instance can serve content on devices of all types by changing only the presentation layer for a truly future-proof architecture.

By redesigning the MITD site, we believe we have deployed exciting and, more importantly, replicable approaches to making the institutional sites of Italian public administrations accessible.

Matteo Vabanesi

From a Content Designers Italia blog post

From repo management to headless CMS

The previous site was managed exclusively by repositories, and over time, the Department felt the need to involve more people in the project. Choosing a CMS had become a priority, making content writing more straightforward and fluid, even in collaborative mode.

The redesign team focused on a headless CMS for maximum flexibility, content modeling capabilities, and the ability to work on multi-channel experiences.

A full Bootstrap Italia translation

The development was based, as requested, on the Bootstrap Italia theme, of which we faithfully used all the components to reproduce with maximum precision the mockups that were delivered to us.

Cantiere Creativo has created additional components compatible with Bootstrap Italia and usable in future public administration projects with few changes, if any.

Clean and maintainable code

All Ruby code written followed the formatting rules and conventions of the Lint standard to the letter, especially RuboCop Lint.

The code was confirmed before each commit, ensuring maximum cleanliness and ease of management, maintenance, and understanding for those who will continue the developments. 

The natural advantages of the headless CMS solution

By implementing a Headless CMS, Cantiere Creativo could create custom templates using modular blocks, making it easy for the redesign team to rebuild content as needed.

Setting up roles and permissions allowed the entire editorial team to get involved. With the front end separated from the pure content, they can publish all content on different channels and devices without duplication.

Performance and accessibility

According to Google, the collaboration between Cantiere Creativo and the redesign team led to perfect results in the primary evaluation metrics of a website.

The new site showed 100 out of 100 results in Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO on Lighthouse upon publication.

According to the data collected, the First Contentful Paint of the Department for Digital Transformation website is 35% faster than the average of sites based on old versions of Bootstrap Italia.

Regarding accessibility, the site complies with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) with an "AA" rating.

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