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An all-digital approach helped Copisteria Universale beat the competition

Copisteria Universale wanted to standardize and simplify work in all its sites while seeking a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing sector. Thanks to the collaboration with Cantiere Creativo, Copisteria Universale now offers a better and faster service to its customers, makes its employees work more peacefully, and has all the tools for a constantly growing future.

Some Project numbers


faster quotes


onboarding hours


new shop opening speed

Happier Customers

The Copisteria Universale app provides better service to customers by offering quotes in seconds with transparent and clear pricing, even from home.

Unparalleled efficiency

The perfect integration among Copisteria Universale's digital services provides an operational advantage because they work better and faster than the competition.

Painless franchise expansion

Automation and standardization of processes make opening new shops a matter of weeks.

The collaboration with Cantiere Creativo has offered us an important competitive advantage in standardization, speed, transparency and clarity.

Sascha Rossi

Planning Lead | Copisteria Universale

A growing reality in a complex sector

Copisteria Universale is a chain of Tuscan copy shops that has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to particular attention to the customer and a constant push towards technological and methodological innovation. It is a sector of printing that is changing a lot, especially with the arrival of national and international competitors who provide personalized services online.

As the offering expanded and the number of sales points increased, Copisteria Universale faced a dual challenge: making the process that leads from estimate to printing more efficient and cutting the opening times of a new shop, including operator training.

The second point was the most delicate: a new store sometimes took years to become fully operational, maintaining the high standards set by the main branch. 

From analysis to app

Copisteria Universale’s idea was to create an app that would take all the orders arriving in the store and then pass them via a monitor to whoever was supposed to carry out these processes backstage. 

Copisteria Universale asked Cantiere Creativo to support it from the idea validation phase. To do this, the Cantiere team created an interactive prototype of the platform requested by Copisteria Universale and then thoroughly tested its usability and efficiency.

After various iterations, the informed choice was made to move to an advanced, automated, and fast checkout system that relies on a tailor-made estimator app designed for the needs of Copisteria Universale.

“Working with Cantiere allowed me to realize what I had in mind, giving 360-degree support in all phases,” admits Sascha Rossi, Planning Lead of Copisteria Universale.

The advantages of the app

Cantiere Creativo helped Copisteria Universale design a cloud app for quoting, usable on all devices, with discounts based on the price of each bracket and other characteristics (format, paper, etc.). All prices are dynamically generated via DatoCMS, and can be modified in real-time with just a few clicks. 

The new quotation maker saves time, makes prices more transparent, and makes work more manageable for the operator, who can send the estimate to the cashier with the discounts already applied and visible to the customer.

Customers now receive a laid-out quote in a few minutes, even when requests are online, compared to the hours the competition needs.

“There is no comparison,” adds Sascha. “We are talking about different temporal dimensions.”

Thanks to the integration with other microservices, such as the smart cash point, CRM, and warehouse management, Copisteria Universale can analyze and optimize each processing phase without increasing the complexity of the work for the operators who, on the contrary, can concentrate on one single function.

A painless growth

Thanks to the digital transformation of Copisteria Universale, the standardization and automation of processes also help train new employees and open new offices and stores.
What is especially surprising is the speed of setting up a shop compared to before: “The difference between opening a shop without digital tools or making full use of them is the same as between driving on a dirt path or the motorway,” Sascha points out.

A future within reach

Thanks to technological investments over the past few years and an eye always on the future, Copisteria Universale is one of the few companies in the industry that has experienced significant growth, as well as already having all the tools ready for the next evolution made up of automated copy shops, online sales with a customer-side quote maker, and a smart warehouse that autonomously calculates and sends material requests to distributors.

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