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The Uffizi Galleries increased traffic by 130%

The Uffizi Galleries needed a secure and fast web platform to produce their editorial content and combat online touting. With the solutions developed by Cantiere Creativo and the immense work of their internal teams, the Uffizi Galleries today boast one of the most solid multi-channel presences in the world.

A fast and dynamic website

The Institution and Cantiere Creativo have worked to refine the information architecture to perfection. The new website structure remains simple to navigate, dynamic, and constantly evolving.
The new brand guidelines are being followed, and each work, article, or event associated with one of the museums is highlighted with an effect that immediately indicates the museum context to which it belongs. Gold, Red Coral, and Green Mint are associated with the three main structures: Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti, and Boboli Gardens.

Technology at the service of the idea

The technological stack behind the Uffizi Galleries website is a hybrid solution designed by the Cantiere Creativo team to respond to the specific needs of the Institution.

The CMS developed in Ruby is dynamic and can be used by Gallery editors to create new content in real-time, but the published pages are staticized and served as a cache to users. 

The images use global CDNs for delivery, making the part managed by the proprietary servers lightweight.

The stack has been constantly updated during the years of collaboration, reaching more than twenty consecutive months of uptime.

A complete and satisfying digital experience

The Uffizi website wanted to be more than a showcase and a place to access information on exhibitions, opening times, and tickets. The goal was to make it an integral part of the visitor experience, a digital propagation of the many beauties in its rooms, and a place for study and reflection on art and culture in general.

The work on each section's information architecture, user experience, and design has allowed the Uffizi Galleries website to increase quality traffic on its pages significantly. In 2020 alone, Virtual Exhibitions saw an increase in views of up to 9000% (5.3 million) and Works up to 800% (5.1 million).

A constantly growing platform

Thanks to the impeccable work of the Uffizi teams, the Galleries website offers new content almost daily: in 2019 alone, they created more than 2,000 pages.

The quantity and quality of the offer, combined with a solid platform, have been repaid by the public, who have grown by 100% this year, reaching 3,720,015 users.

The modular nature of the site, combined with the digital communication expertise of the Institution, is projecting the museum center as not only Italian but global excellence.

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