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Ethical Manifesto

Transparency and meticulous reporting are the basis of our working methodology in dealing with our customers.

Honesty and transparency: not just fine words!

We have translated our ethics into a win-win method and contract.

An honest approach dramatically improves the quality of life, work, and relationships. It produces a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind for us and the customer, who will quickly return to where they felt well treated. For us, it is a long-term investment.

Basecamp and other tools

Discover the tools that enable us to work effectively and transparently for our customers.

Detailed reporting

We firmly believe in transparency; everything we do is meticulously, carefully accounted for, and available to the customer in real-time. We produce reports during development and evaluate each project retrospectively to see if our cost and time promise is met and the quality of what we have.

No Lock-in

We categorically refuse to apply any lock-in to customers, whether technological or contractual. Lock-in is a practice used all too often, which makes it difficult for anyone to disengage from a supplier.

Assuming that everything can go well in business relationships is a mistake. There are reasons why a customer may want to change: dissatisfaction and distrust, but also less damaging reasons, such as building an internal team or a sudden lack of budget. 

Our contract frees the client to 'fire us' anytime, without any constraints. The client owns all code and material produced, just as all services are in the client's name. The code is tested and documented so the team following ours can carry on the work from day one.

Dream big, start small

When the light bulb goes on for the brilliant idea that will revolutionize the world, it is easy for euphoria to overpower reason. There must be everything and the kitchen sink from the get-go; otherwise, it will not work correctly, and "they" will steal the idea! A grand illusion, the leading cause of the failure of 9 out of 10 start-ups.

Enthusiasm is essential, no doubt. But the beginning of a project is the moment of most significant uncertainty and the worst time to make meaningful and expensive decisions.

We prefer a lean and scientific approach, where ideas are turned into work based on verifiable data, not just hunches. No one, not even the most influential entrepreneur, can say, 'This is how it works.' Experience counts, but the users will always make the real difference.

We are not interested in 'milking' the customer and ending up with a 'dead' project. We prefer to realize long-lasting successful projects, realizing the minimum from time to time that allows us to validate which functionalities are worth implementing in the field. Besides being profitable for us, we are confident that this is the genuine desire of the investor.