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Codici Corali

Archived in the Museum of Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, they are 58 huge books, held inside glass cases, where nobody could leaf through them, until now.

Silvio Relli
Andrea Gherardi
Giuseppe de Martino Norante
Juana Alvarez
Marco Zampetti
Amir Ati

An online archive for the Codici Corali

Each Codice Corale is gathered in a public website which offers a brand new experience to the user. Just as from home as at the museum, people can flip through each Corale, enjoying every page of these breautiful books.

Totems at the museum

Two huge screens that contains every Codici Corali — these high definition scans are zoomable and enriched by detailed information for each page.

Set in the same room where the physical Codici Corali are displayed, these two totems offer two different experiences for the visitor.

"Musical" totem

The Museum picks three different Corali and with this totem the visitor is able to browse through them and listen to its chants.