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Golf Ugolino

Ugolino is one of the most ancient and prestigious golf club in Tuscany, Italy, with 700 members and 8000 visitors every year, from all over the world. We have realised an application to manage the reservations, the institutional website and trained the staff to the new tools.
Luca Bonfiglio
Juana Alvarez
Stefano Verna
Lorenzo Masini
Marco Zampetti

The most prestigious golf club in Tuscany

Playing golf at Ugolino it is not just a practice; it is an unforgettable experience wich dive the golf-player into a rare emotional and magnificent landscape. As Chris Santella wrote: Ugolino is one of the fifty places to play golf before you die!

TeeTime Application

The webapp has become a primary tool to manage the club: the memebers are daily connected with the club bypassing the frontdesk.