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Design System

The Component-Based solution that makes the design of your company coherent, simple, and scalable.

Discover the solution designed to simplify the management of complex design architectures significantly.

Design system is the Cantiere Creativo solution designed for companies that need to make corporate design effective and adaptable to various media but, above all, easily manageable and evolving, especially in light of a constantly changing and challenging to predict digital context.

Design currently has an important role, but if the company grows, the design department also needs to grow. For this reason, the need arises to design a system to eliminate complexities and work in coherence.

Design System numbers

These are just some of the most significant results after choosing this solution


components in a year


design efficiency


The design system is based on a hierarchical management of the design according to basic modules. This methodology follows the principle of "Atomic Design."

Let's discover the benefits of the design system for organizing the work of your company and your team.

Clearer and more coherent corporate communication

You can create new graphic elements and interfaces quickly and easily, strengthening your visual identity. Therefore, you will have the certainty of maintaining the same communicative tone of voice and with the same effectiveness on different media.

Consistency and repeatability of the process

It allows you to create a simple and easy-to-understand application. Standard components give the frontend developer more time to focus on improving the user experience that will be more pleasant, accessible, and predictable—consequently, the quality of the product increases.

More consistency

Your teams will work coherently by conveying the same idea with the same graphic language according to the standards established in the design phase.

A shared corporate identity system will also reduce distances between various staff departments. Awareness is increased, and the number of decisions the team has to make is drastically reduced.

Final output

It will be an open, incremental system that is already usable and easily adaptable to different media. Components with a shared graphic base allow developers to create layouts with minimal code effort and, consequently, with minimal time and economic cost. The chances of having buggy products are reduced to zero.

The method

Our working methodology guarantees a valuable final result in a short time without wasting the budget.


Initial analysis

Every customer has their own needs. For this reason, a needs study will be carried out at the beginning, and we will focus on the objectives the customer wants to achieve.


Material analysis

The design system can start from scratch but, if the company deems it appropriate, the work can also originate from an existing one.

We will therefore analyze the materials already available to decide what should be maintained and what should be changed.


Rules definition

A system needs rules. In this phase, the hierarchy of the components will be studied, and a diagram of the variables involved will be made, which will define the number of components and elements that will have to be designed in the process.



Once the study phase is over, we move on to action. The new components will be designed according to the rules identified in the previous phases.


Accessibility and usability tests

Accessibility and usability are one of the objectives of this kind of solution. Quality tests will be carried out to demonstrate and validate the correctness of the work done.

Case studies