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Boboli Gardens map

The Uffizi Galleries bring together three extraordinary museum complexes, which contain the core of the collections of art, precious artisan-made objects, books, and plants belonging to the Medici, Habsburg-Lorraine and Savoy families. These treasures have contributed to the fame of the Uffizi, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens over the years. Together they form one of the most important culture hubs in the world.

Juana Alvarez

The challenge

Most of the visitors don't understand the distances or heights the garden have, they end up frustrated when they try to get from point A to point B, walking under the sun in very pronounced hills. This map simply illustrates the height difference, starting at 50 m and arriving up to 130 m heigh (sea level). We hope the visitors get a general picture of the terrain and choose where to go according they capabilities.

The navigation map

The navigation map is a top view of the entire garden, we created a flat illustration of the most important interest points. The main idea was to keep the visual simple in order to facilitate the visitor experience. The map has 3 main types of suggested paths to choose from when visiting the garden, a complete (pink), a fast (yellow) and an easy one (blue) destined most of all for people with motor disability. The map indicates also the most pronounced hills, all the facilities and the most important monuments to visit.

The Brochure

The brochure contains all the information regarding the garden, from a small historical introduction, to prices and opening hours, all the rules to follow while visiting. It also has a third map that illustrates the location of the Garden inside the city of Florence, and how to get to the other museums that form part of the Uffizi Gallery complex.