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Jalou Media Group, which was founded 96 years ago, is based in Paris, the international capital of fashion. Presided over by Marie-Jose Jalou, the group is controlled in its entirety by the Jalou family. With 10 renowned magazines (L'Officiel, Jalouse, L'Optimum, L'Officiel Hommes, L'Officiel Art, L'Officiel Voyage, La Revue des Montres, L'Officiel 1000 Modèles, L'Officiel Shopping, L'Officiel 1000 Modèles Design), Jalou Media Group is present in over 80 countries, with over 60 international editions. Recognized since 1921 as one of the great brands of luxury and fashion, it is an international landmark of French style. L'Officiel.com provides a daily snapshot of the culture of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and contemporary society.
Matteo Papadopoulos
Giuseppe de Martino Norante
Marco Zampetti
Juana Alvarez
Damiano Giacomello
Amir Ati

The Publishing Platform

The website offers users a different browsing experience. The site is intelligent and uses a prediction system to suggest customized topics based on a user's interests. The editors, thanks to an advanced and personalized CMS, can create any type of content, including text, multimedia, livestream and meta-information. The platform has independent instances for each country and each instance is multilingual. Through a system called Fashion Cloud, each country has the opportunity to import, translate and publish articles originally published elsewhere, managing all the rights on texts and media on a widespread basis.

Visual concept

The creatives of l'Officiel gave us a visual concept in line with their standards and their brand. Thanks to this input, we were able to work on the development of the website's visual design, paying particular attention to the user experience on all types of devices.


The platform currently operates in 12 countries with the aim to launch in a dozen more in the coming months: Brazil + France + Germany + Italy + Malaysia + Mexico + The Netherlands + Russia + Saint Barts + Singapore + Switzerland + Turkey

To provide an ad-hoc platform to each partner, we have divided the central application into many segments through a Multitenancy development with Apartment.


The application was developed ad-hoc based on specific requests and the results of the initial analysis. Rails proved to be the most appropriate framework for meeting time and budget. Imgix allows us to manage the huge amount of images. Varnish has proven to be a vital tool for speeding everything up.