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Composable DXP

The solution for building omnichannel digital experience platforms.

Composable DXP allows you to make the technological leap you've been waiting for with a tailor-made platform designed to create, manage, and distribute digital experiences in all the channels and contexts you need.

Composable DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is a solution for building web platforms centered on custom development and integration with external sources.

The Digital Experience Platform is not just a technological solution but a paradigm shift in business, which is increasingly moving towards a holistic approach to data and content management.

DXP becomes the intelligent core on which your content and data management ecosystem will develop, putting people's needs at the center.

When we talk about DXP, we can mean one or more of these aspects.

  • multichannel and multitenancy;
  • importing vast and complex content, such as archives;
  • complex and highly integrated e-commerce with other software;
  • user registration and access to restricted and personal areas;
  • payment and use of services via the web.

Composable DXP Numbers

The Composable DXP solution offers you real and quantifiable benefits right from the start.


users in a year


Accessibility level

The benefits of the solution

The Composable DXP solution enables organisations of all types to transform the way they work and dialogue with their users, creating cohesive and consistent digital experiences across all channels.


The platforms we develop offer best-in-class performance, secure, and potentially infinitely scalable. We adopt best-practices to address SEO, accessibility, code cleanliness, and maintainability aspects of the product.


The advanced functionalities of the project can be integrated via external services or developed ad hoc. The front-end technologies with which we realize the products allow total compatibility with other services and, therefore, a natural evolution of the project itself.


The content is managed in its pure form, so it is separate from the presentation and can be reused for new digital experiences without months of work. Any changes to the content are published instantly on each channel.


The most complete headless CMS ever

DatoCMS is the headless CMS that is transforming the way we produce engaging and long-lasting digital experiences. Born in Cantiere Creativo, it now serves more than 25,000 enterprises worldwide.

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A truly comprehensive solution

The Composable DXP solution synthesizes years of experience our team has accumulated in the industry and guarantees product and service excellence for highly complex custom projects.

Composable DXP includes all the core areas of expertise:

  • analysis;
  • UX;
  • UI;
  • Development;
  • Digital Marketing.

Unique and custom-tailored

We do not use pre-packaged templates. Each platform has a unique functional and aesthetic design based on the needs of your business and your users.



Thanks to a well-defined three-stage process of analysis, design, and development, uncertainties about the project are eliminated as work progresses, avoiding wasted time and costs.


Fast time-to-market

Thanks to an agreed and stringent testing program, we are able (and want) to go online quickly with the first version of the product (MVP) and ensure continuous and planned releases of new features.


Companies are all different, even in the same industry, so it is essential to follow a rigorous design process that starts from the exploratory phase and reaches the market as soon as possible.

A rigorous and transparent process of continuous evaluation and review that involves the customer 100 percent, allowing us to stay on time and budget.



Initial study and feasibility phase. We identify and mitigate the risks typical of complex architectures through anamnesis, interviews, and POC. 

Here, we assess business objectives, understand user expectations and needs, and identify the most suitable technology solutions to optimize time and budget.



An analysis and design phase in which we assess and mitigate significant risks, carry out Proof of Concepts (POC) and integration tests with the various services/platforms identified as valuable to the architecture (e.g., Commerce Layer, DatoCMS, Algolia, etc.) to optimize subsequent developments.

With information architecture, we organize the semantics of content and data to promote usability and understanding.

We model the CMS to build the content structure and semantic relationships.

We define style and interface components to create a clear and reusable design system.



We decide together on the content and appetite of the epic that make up the monthly sprints. We pursue one goal after another while constantly monitoring the overall economic and business objectives.

Therefore, the progress of the work and the consumption of the budget are strongly related to the work we decide to do together. We do not work with stringent user requirements but evaluate them jointly step by step while always keeping an eye on the progress of the overall budget through very detailed reports.

Case studies

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