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Digital Strategy

The solution to clarify your digital investment strategy and ensure results.

The Cantiere Creativo solution that helps you clarify your digital strategy and ensure worry-free investments.

Digital Strategy is the ideal solution to clarify the strategy of your digital investment before even starting any project.

After a people-oriented analysis of the needs and desires of your target, applying a Lean UX methodology, we build a work plan that allows you to achieve your economic and non-economic business objectives, reducing time-to-market.

Digital Strategy numbers

The solution offers tangible and measurable results over time since its delivery. All your future investments will be safe thanks to the rich documentation in your hands.


operational costs


time-to-market speed

Your strategic partner

Cantiere Creativo will not offer you simple strategic advice on investments but rather a series of materials and data that will become the cornerstone of your digital strategy.



We will define together the Return on Investments, quantifying them to make them readable.


Zero risks

Thanks to in-depth analyses and accurate user tests, we immediately reduce investment risks.


Your strategy

A document will clarify and illustrate a defined action plan that reflects your objectives.


A roadmpa

A clear work plan will be outlined regarding timing, operations, and results.


A valuable analysis

We will draw extensive qualitative reports on your market, target, and potential users.

The method

The Digital Transformation process involves 4 phases that help clarify investments naturally, always offering outputs that offer value over time.



One or more workshop sessions help to clarify and share the objectives and the needs and desires of the users.



Photograph of the current state, which includes user research and business logic flow mapping to highlight gray areas and reduce any risks in the production phase.



The summary of the first two phases to identify the most suitable creative solutions, considering time and budget. A mood board, design studio, and shape-up characterize it.



The project is fully evaluated, and the strategy is planned for creating one or more minimum viable products (MVP) to meet the needs of the market of interest.