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The solution for the intelligent and efficient design of your digital product

Discover Cantiere Creativo's solution for designing your complex digital product, reducing risks, and providing a product blueprint ready for development.

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Blueprint is the ideal solution for designing your digital product, providing a clear and well-defined path that starts from the idea up to complete and exhaustive documentation.

After years of experience, our highly specialized cross-functional team, through user research, analysis, prototype development (POC), and actual code activities, can design a detailed product, designed on real people and oriented toward future developments.

Technology at the service of users (not the other way around!)

It is necessary to be clear about the business objectives that need to be achieved before starting planning.

UX and UI specialists and software engineers will immediately allow you to evaluate the feasibility of the project, concretizing your ideas and reducing the risks of creating your digital product.

You will have a team of professionals used to working together on different projects and skills. You can validate your goals by testing the product without risking them.

Our method

The Digital Transformation process involves 4 phases with specific outputs:



One or more workshop sessions help clarify and share your users' objectives, needs, and desires with the team.



Photograph of the current state, which includes user research and business logic flow mapping to highlight gray areas and reduce any risks in the production phase.



The summary of the first two phases to identify the most suitable creative solutions, considering time and budget. A mood board, design studio, and shape-up characterize it.



Through small proofs of concept (POC) and migration performance tests, we verify practically the solutions chosen during the creativity phase.



The project is fully evaluated, and the strategy is planned for creating one or more minimum viable products (MVP) to meet the needs of the market of interest.

3 levels of depth

After the Kickoff workshop, we offer you the solution best suited to your budget:


The basic version includes all the activities that we consider necessary to conclude a Blueprint project.


We add more activities than the one present in the basic version to reduce the level of risk and investigate critical points.


Others are added to the basic and plus formulas activities to achieve a higher quality level in each phase.

Case studies

Scopri le storie dei clienti che si sono affidati a noi.