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Branding Startup

The tailor-made solution for a solid brand identity in a flash.

The tailor-made solution for a solid brand identity in a flash.

The Branding Startup solution provides an optimized process, allowing you to create your brand identity quickly. The solution is ideal for both new brands and rebranding cases.

Our "Branding Startup" solution follows a well-studied path that aims to give your company a clear and recognizable identity, allowing it to present itself correctly to your market.

The benefits

The solution synthesizes years of experience that our team has accumulated in the sector and guarantees an excellent product and service equal to that provided for more complex custom projects. There are numerous advantages of this solution:


The final output will be the direct result of our work. We will not use standard and impersonal resources; everything is tailor-made for the customer, satisfying his needs.


Our method lets us quickly understand the client's needs, translating into a faster and more effective design process.

Tested process

Thanks to a design process tested and optimized through years of experience, we can shorten development times as much as possible, avoiding waste in terms of time and costs.

The Method

The main objective of the Branding process is to create a visual identity for the customer capable of correctly presenting the company to the target audience and uniquely identifying it, making it recognizable compared to its competitors.

At the end of the work, the client will have a coordinated image made up of various tangible elements: brand, font, color palette, etc., and intangible elements: a compelling brand identity that the target will associate with a high level of credibility and quality.

To carry out the work correctly and effectively, we have divided the processes into five distinct steps:



We will establish the values ​​to build creative processes with our clients.

This activity is the foundation of the branding process, so we ask the client for a list of keywords that best represent their business.


Preliminary analysis

Study and information collection phase in which everything existing (if present) will be analyzed, and the necessary research and evaluations will be carried out to eliminate the unknowns and lay the foundations for future activities.

The tasks in this phase are:

  • identify the reference target;
  • analyze competitors;
  • evaluate the context;
  • identify the vectors and surfaces in which the brand will have to move;
  • establish a “tone of voice” and brand personality;
  • design study (color palette and typography).



Once the study phase is completed, we move on to the practical process of design and definition of the identity.


Corporate image

When the logo is ready, it’s time to insert it into a harmonious corporate style. In this phase, various graphic communication materials are created.

  • Business card (delivery of original for printing);
  • Letterhead and envelopes (delivery of original for printing);
  • Look & Feel (design examples of how to apply branding on different media and materials).



    The output is a Brand book: a document that codifies how an organization presents itself to the world. Using it ensures that the brand has the same appearance within any business context: from customer service to marketing, from design to sales.

    Design Process

    In particular, the design process includes another series of phases:


    Mood Board

    The Mood board in design is a digital blackboard filled with different types of content, from photos to various patterns, so the designer and the client can visualize ideas, concepts, and styles.


    Creative process

    Once the research is done, the client chooses a stylistic direction. The designer will move into a more artistic phase and begin working on two logo proposals that will help meet the brand objective and marketing needs.


    Detail work and final concept

    In this phase, the customer will be asked to choose the proposal to develop; the designer will work on the details and complete the proposal.


    Test phase

    Once the logo is completed, the testing phase begins. The goal will be to test what, until then, has only appeared on a digital screen in a different environment or on a variety of media.

    Branding Startup numbers

    Thanks to branding work, our clients have strengthened their presence on the market


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