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Composable WCM

The solution for centralized content management in fast, modular and powerful architectures

Composable WCM gives you a competitive advantage through the innovative use of content for people-centered digital experiences that are easy to maintain and update.

Composable WCM (Web Content Management) is the solution for building secure, scalable, high-performance websites and web applications that require customization and composition of advanced functionalities.

The solution includes digital services tailored to create a new web product or to evolve an existing one, ready to be integrated in the future within multi-channel strategies.

Composable WCM Numbers

La scelta di soluzioni componibili ha permesso una crescita esponenziale in termini di performance e stabilità ai progetti. 


loading speeds


concurrent users

Composable WCM is a solution designed to easily manage complex publishing architectures based on infinitely scalable technology stacks with unique performance.

Centralized, headless content management allows marketing and editorial teams to work on a tailored information architecture that gives them surgical control of publishing and corporate communications.

Information is distributed in real-time and consistently across all channels, giving users an all-encompassing, fluid digital experience tailored to their needs.

All in one place

The solution is designed to manage, edit, and create content from a single WCM platform that is secure and accessible to the entire team. The content hub makes it possible to produce, edit, and publish usable material across every channel and touch point without needing to involve developers or technicians.

Never seen before performance

Headless technologies and API-based design allow you to obtain sites with scores of 100/100 on Google Lighthouse, capable of scaling even to peaks of millions of simultaneous users and integrating with any external service or product.

Ready for the business of the future

Composable WCM is designed to help companies and institutions in the digital transformation from a monolithic to a composable enterprise, providing a platform that can work in the concertation of PBC (Packaged Business Capabilities).

Bleeding edge tech

We carefully select the technology stack to simplify work, improve results, and provide a future-proof digital experience.

The method

A rigorous process that respects your time and budget



It is the onboarding phase of both the team and the client, in which we prepare all the tools and recover the fundamental helpful material for the project. Here, the design document and a schedule of checks are developed.



Based on the information collected, we define some aspects of marketing and communication, the information architecture, a complete mapping of the navigation, the necessary layouts, and logical components.



We create a mood board with three style proposals that are different from each other but consistent with the project objectives. Hi-Fidelity mock-ups are created, which will then be reviewed, validated, and finally approved after a single review cycle.



The site is created and an internal quality control is carried out on the product. We will carry out a demo with the customer with a review cycle for finalization.



It's time to go online, change DNS, perform site performance tests. The editorial team is trained in the advanced use of the CMS. It is in this phase that the customer writes and inserts the contents into the CMS.

Case studies

Scopri le storie dei clienti che si sono affidati a noi.